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We are NUTS for Christmas!


  We are proud to bring you PEANUTS from Aunt Ruby's Peanuts. Aunt Ruby's is located right here in Enfield North Carolina.   
   From their website www.auntrubyspeanuts.com  
  A family-owned business, A&B Milling Company was established in 1945 as a feed, seed and fertilizer store serving the local farmers. Since the climate and soil conditions of our area produce superior peanuts, A& B Milling Company's evolution into the mail-order peanut business was a natural one. We purchase only the best quality Virginia style peanuts that are known for lower fat content, large meaty size, and excellent flavor and texture. The peanuts are then shelled, processed and distributed nationally from our plant in Enfield.  
  We would like to offer two selections this Christmas season for your gift giving (or yourself) pleasure.  
Country Style Gourmet Peanuts   12 oz. can for $8 Chocolate Peanut Clusters   20 oz. can for $12
  Purchase your peanuts from any Civitan member or email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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